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Structural Engineers Association of New York

New Dates: DOB COOP 2017 Full Scale Exercise - SEAoNY Members Only!

  • 26 Jun 2017
  • 7:30 AM
  • 29 Jun 2017
  • 4:00 PM
  • Fort Totten – Queens


New DatesDOB COOP 2017 Full Scale Exercise - SEAoNY Members Only!

To ensure that the New York City Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program meets the high standards set out by Executive Order #107, the DOB Continuity of Operations / Emergency Management Team in collaboration with the FDNY scheduled the mandated annual exercise at Fort Totten - Queens on May 9, 10, 12; and June 1, 2.

Please note the May 11th session has been cancelled. 


I.  Participants’ familiarization with COOP requirements and procedures – operational plan for preparedness, response, and recovery.                                                                                                             

II.  Learn how to conduct post-major disaster RAPID & DETAILED structural damage assessments by using Global Positional System the Collector for ArcGIS Application.              

III.  Demonstrate the capability of department’s inspectorial staff and professional architects and engineers to conduct Rapid and Detailed Structural Damage Assessment – as a core competency of the city emergency response.    

Participants will review the Construction Codes, FEMA and Applied Technical Council (ATC) requirements for Building Damage Assessment process - determine if structures that sustained incident-related damage are safe to enter/occupy
 - Post Disaster Structural Rapid Assessment (RA)
 - Post Disaster Structural Detailed Assessment (DA)
 - Evaluation of Empirically Designed Structures and what steps will be taken afterwards by recovery / restoration operations.

Participants will perform field assessments with a timetable, site map, and RA & DA forms on selected buildings within “damage zone,” and be concluded as
 - Green (Inspected) or
 - Yellow (Restricted Use) or
 - RED (Unsafe)
for ensuring the safety and welfare of building occupants, and further actions to repair, safeguard and re-occupy.                     

VENUE:  Fort Totten – Queens


  • Tuesday, May 9th
  • Wednesday, May 10th
  • Thursday, May 11th
  • Friday, May 12th
  • Thursday, June 1st 
  • Friday, June 2nd 
  • Monday, June 26th 
  • Thursday, June 29th

DURATION:  One Working Day - from 8am to 4pm; expected Arrival: not later than 7:30 am

- Participants are required to wear a hard hat on the day they attend the COOP training exercise

• DOB COOP Full Scale Exercise training participants are to meet at the parking lot of Fort Totten, preferably by 7:45am. The parking lot is located just before the security gate entrance, and a small sign reading “DOB participants” was placed in front of the parking lot.

• If for some reason they do not find people there, the bulk of the training takes place at the EMS Academy CFR Training Building 405. If people are lost, they can ask For Totten employees where that is, and they should be directed to the correct location.

• Dmitri Dits and Elidia Tennenhauser were the COOP coordinators at the training, and participants could likely contact them for further information.

Credit: 7.5 LU/HSW

Free of charge for SEAoNY members!

Space Limited! 



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