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Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards

Sponsored by SEAoNY the Excellence in Structural Engineer (EiSE) Awards Program recognizes the innovative and complex projects completed by structural engineering firms located in the New York City area.  The EiSE Awards Program is modeled after the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards.  The winning projects themselves can be located anywhere in the world but must demonstrate:

      • creativity of complex design
      • innovative use of materials and techniques
      • sustainability of design in social, economic, or environmental considerations 

SEAoNY EiSE Award winners are selected from four major categories: 

New Buildings

New building projects will be submitted under a single category. Three awards will be given in this category. Projects may include any type of building that is occupied or used by people, including parking garages, airport control towers, industrial buildings, and similar structures.

Forensic Analysis / Renovation / Retrofit / Rehabilitation of Structures

This category includes forensic analysis, structural renovations, seismic retrofits, adaptive reuse, rehabilitation of existing buildings or bridges, and similar projects. One award will be given in this category.

Other Structures

This category includes all non-building structures, such as towers, monuments, sculptures, art installations, pavilions, and similar projects. Bridges and other transportation structures may also be submitted such as vehicle and pedestrian bridges, highway structures, pipe or utility support spans, and similar structures. Projects may be of any span length or overall size. One award will be given in this category.

Engineer’s Choice Award

All finalists considered for awards will be entered for the Engineers’ Choice Award. An electronic poll open to the international structural engineering community is conducted to select the winner. 

2018 EiSE Award Winners

New Buildings  - Under $300 Million Construction Cost

Tata Innovation Center - Thornton Tomsetti

The Tata Innovation Center is a six-story, 240,000 square foot building. It is a co-location space housing academic facilities alongside tech firm offices to foster innovation. The massing consists of two volumes bridged at each floor by a causeway. Super-trusses wrap the perimeter of each volume, allowing the upper five stories to perch on top of a small number of columns and to cantilever 80 feet over the campus. We used modeling and analysis tools created by our in-house research and development group, combined with traditional truss-tuning and erection procedures to deliver an extremely efficient steel structure despite the complexity.

New Building - Between 100,000 to 500,000 square feet

National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) - Guy Nordenson & Associates and Silman

The 376,000 square foot Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) required a number of unconventional structural approaches - including composite cores, a cantilevered three-tiered “Corona” screen wall, a long-span “Porch” structure and multiple foundation systems and waterproofing measures below ground - to accommodate the museum’s challenging architectural design. A prominent site with limited staging area and a compressed construction schedule created additional design challenges. Only through close, consistent collaboration were Guy Nordenson & Associates and Silman able to achieve a building that makes a powerful and inspiring public statement on Washington DC’s historic National Mall.

New Buildings - Over $300 Million in Construction Cost

Shum Yip Upperhills, Tower One - SOM

The 400 meter (1,300 feet) Shum‐Yip Tower One rethinks conventional legacy systems to achieve supertall performance requirements. The Ladder‐Core System improves ductility, redundancy, and uniformity of structural stiffness without conceding architectural or mechanical flexibility. The Ladder‐Core System features eight mega‐columns at the perimeter connected to the core with composite coupling beams to create a comprehensive lateral system. Long span beams at each level direct gravity loads into the mega‐columns, eliminating tension from overturning moments. The Ladder‐Core System is defined by unobstructed occupant views, floor plate simplicity, and inherent structural stability—it exemplifies seamless integration of building disciplines for an enhanced overall design.

Forensic Analysis/ Renovation/ Retrofit & Rehabilitation of Structures

Squibb Park Bridge Peer Review and Retrofit - Arup

The Squibb Park Bridge was closed in August 2014 due to excessive deformation. Arup was hired to review the original design and assess the performance of the bridge in October 2014. Arup identified critical issues with the original design and developed retrofit solutions to simply and elegantly resolve the issues. Arup’s retrofit design was implemented in 2016 and the bridge reopened to the public in April 2017. Since then it has performed well and reinstated an important connection between Brooklyn Heights and the waterfront.

Other Structures

Lone Tree Pedestrian Bridge - Thornton Tomasetti

The new Lone Tree Pedestrian Bridge enables walkers, joggers and bicyclists to safely cross a busy roadway. Spanning 170 feet, the cable-stayed structure features a large, leaf-shaped mast on its south end that rises 78 feet. Six pairs of cables extend from the leaf to support the bridge. The bridge sizing was a balancing act between the strength, stiffness, economy and close attention to aesthetic vision. The Thornton Tomasetti project team worked closely with the fabricator and developed local finite element models of connections to optimize the configuration and sizing of the pylon and to facilitate an accelerated procurement process.

Engineer’s Choice Award

Lone Tree Pedestrian Bridge - Thornton Tomasetti

Thank you to the 2018 EiSE Award Judges

Joe Tortorella -  Honorary Member of SEAoNY, Silman

Doug Gonzalez - Past President of SEAoNY, LERA

Nadine Post - Engineer New-Record

Hayes Slade -  Slade Architecture

Delia Shumway -  New Line Structures Inc. 

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