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In an effort to promote the public welfare and to aid stakeholders in selecting professional engineers qualified to do structural design, the National Council of Structural Engineers Association (NCSEA) met to find a solution to the problem that State licensing Boards have been ignoring for years. At NCSEA's 1998 Annual Conference in Portland, Maine, the idea of self-certification was proposed and discussed, as frustrated delegates searched for a solution. An ad hoc certification committee was formed; and the topic was discussed and researched for several years, until a vote was taken after the 2003 Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado. That vote authorized NCSEA to form the Structural Engineering Certification Board (SECB); and certification in the practice of Structural Engineering was born.

The Structural Engineering Certification Board was formed to identify those professional engineers with the additional education, experience, and skills that are particular to the practice of Structural Engineering.

Certification in the practice of Structural Engineering is not intended to supplant the licensing and regulatory rights of States and other legal jurisdictions of the United States. In fact, licensure by a recognized legal jurisdiction is a prerequisite to becoming certified in the practice of Structural Engineering.



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